Strategic Tax Advisory Services

Tax Preparation

As taxation legislation becomes increasingly more complex, effective tax management demands specialist advice to ensure that you are getting the right advice and are achieving the best after-tax results. Successfully managing tax obligations is complex, consuming and the consequences of getting it wrong are far-reaching and costly. At SE-Tax, we aim to provide you with an outcome that best meets your personal or business needs and keep you up to date on the latest tax developments and how they will impact on your business.

Taxation Planning and Structuring

Whether for an organization or individual, the goal for a proper tax strategy should be based around educated decisions and the implementation of a specified plan. Timeliness of information is pinnacle in the ability to make these refined decisions. It is about understanding your business and how tax laws are applied thereto. Timely and strategic tax planning ensures that the net impact of tax on your business is managed and controlled, such that there are no surprises. Our team takes a close study of every issue and helps corporates or individuals to respond to critical tax issues through understanding their requirements and rules of the land. In addition to that our practice is focused on finding opportunities and leveraging them to the advantage of clients in the form of significant tax savings.

International Tax Advisory Services

In Uganda, resident and non-resident individuals/persons (corporations, trusts, partnerships and companies) are charged different rates when determining tax due to be paid and it is therefore important for foreign companies and individuals to know the law of the land for compliancy reasons. Strategic Engagement provide advice on international tax laws to businesses and individuals operating overseas and within who want to set up operations in Uganda.