Strategic HR Consulting

Business and HR Strategy

We guide the direction an organization will take in order to be both profitable and sustainable. Strategic Engagement partners with clients on business, operational and HR strategy reviews to define and plot an organization structure and internal operational arrangements that facilitate business growth.

Organizational design

As organizations’ grow, and the challenges in the external environment become more complex, and businesses processes; structures; and systems that once worked become barriers to efficiency and profitability. We partner with you in review of your business’ structures, policies, systems and procedures and so as to facilitate realignment to fit them into the business realities and attain business growth through customer-oriented institutionalized organization culture, efficiency, profitability and institutionalization.

Change Management

Change management requires a thorough a study of the client’s current internal and external environment conditions, message leaders and structures that have the ability to influence staff behavior prior to designing and recommending change strategies for achieving successful change in systems, values, symbols, behavior and organization culture. Partner with Strategic Engagement and let us successfully guide your organization through the murky waters of change.

Policy and Procedure Design and Review

We have the capacity to; draft new, update and review existing policies and procedure manuals as well as facilitating smooth adoption and utilization of recommended best practice for our clients. These are tailored basing on customized review of the clients’ organization environments, business and HR strategies, existing staff and industrial and global best practice.

Role Profiling, Job Evaluation and Grading

Strategic Engagement also has capacity to train the existing person or team in-charge if the organization prefers to have this exercise in-house, we offer support through extensive training, guidance and review. Additionally, we are able to fully take on this exercise and complete it externally.

Regulatory Compliance

All countries have regulations for which compliance is mandatory for general operation and employment standards. These can be such as mandatory employment standards, mandatory vetting by sector associations, mandatory payments and so on. You can count on us at Strategic Engagement to identify and review the regulatory requirements related with the business and human capital platforms; a work plan is put in place to ensure full compliance of the compliance. SE ensures that the client understands the regulations, how they impact their operations, the working environment and market response to the client so as to facilitate willing compliance.