Research Associate

Strategic Engagement is a professional consultancy firm dealing in human resource and tax consultations. SE focuses on giving their clients the best of human resources that are to truly add value and development to that particular client. On this note, we are seeking qualified, intelligent, professionals who desire to serve passionately to fill up the position of a Research Associate.

Job titleResearch Associate
Reports toHead of Research

Job Purpose

The Research Associate will be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the research framework. S/he will develop the research guideline, processes and conduct studies with continuous improvement in entire the research cycle based on the international research standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop an internal research framework and guidelines in line with the internationally recognized guideline.
  • Develop and implement an internal research policy.
  • Kept up-to-date on research practices; area of focus, methodology and formats.
  • Formulate an internal research learning framework.
  • Identify research gaps and areas of interest and formulate study topics.
  • Formulate research problems and conduct, and designs to guide the research study directions.
  • Gather relevant research information, record any findings in a manner pursuant to Strategic Engagement research protocol.
  • Carryout data cleaning and analyze data using the appropriate data analysis tool.
  • Analyze data and present finding in line with the research standards required.
  • Support the Research Consultant with the formulation of research topics.
  • Design and update the research framework, guideline and SOP to support the implementation all research projects at Strategic Engagement.
  • Formulate appropriate research designs and prepare quality data collection tools and have the reliability and validity approved.
  • Conduct all research data collection inline the established agreed ethical guidelines.
  • Conduct all research data collection inline the established agreed ethical guidelines.
  • Design the research tools for data collection in line with the established methodology.
  • Identify research gaps and areas of interest and formulate study topics based on existing and potential human resource issues.
  • Conduct research in a manner that is ethically acceptable and respects the subjects, samples, population and practitioners in the research field.
  • Evaluate the impact of all study implementations among clients for continuous improvement.
  • Prepare and submit the research studies conducted in the depository in a timely manner.
  • Organize research feedback sessions with clients, participants and stakeholders.
  • Market and Sell out the research works of Strategic Engagement.
  • Prepare and execute in line with the Research Function budget.
  • Adherence and compliance to all SE Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Pursuit for self-development and knowledge sharing
  • Cooperation, support and involvement in all other company activities and projects as requested from time to time.
  • Any other duties as requested/guided by line management including inter-departmental support and assistance as need arises from time to time.

Personal Qualification and Experience and Skills

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a Research related course with Research as courses done at the any Recognizable University.
  • Ability to apply expertise and knowledge in Research consulting services.
  • Client focus (Ability to carry out client requirements scoping, manage client interface, partner and network).
  • Ability to formulate and conduct applied research with the appropriate designs.
  • Ability to achieve sustainable results through self-activity planning, and management, risk management and quality assurance.
  • Communication skills (ability to communicate effectively with internal and external customers).
  • Possession of the knowledge of HR function leadership.
  • Research technical expertise – Ability to apply the different designs, principles and ethical considerations.
  • Strategy & business understanding (Ability to align strategy and business plan to the activities of Research function).
  • Possession of management consultancy sector knowledge.
  • External awareness (Knowledge of the external business environment to better position our Research service function.
  • Professionalism and ethics & Integrity.
  • Teamwork/team player/Interpersonal skills.
  • Complexity and Responsibility.
  • Personal Growth.
  • Analytical & pro-active thinking.
  • Delivery Effectiveness.

All suitably qualified candidates should submit their CVs to NOT later than 14th September 2020.

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