Recruitment and Selection

Our recruitment services are focused on sourcing top notch professionals for our client organizations. We understand that our client organizations rely on us to identify the best candidates and fill vacancies in time. We recognize the uniqueness of job vacancy and client and inherently tailor a systematic and unique recruitment approach to each assignment. We capitalize on competency and behavioral based approaches at all levels of our recruitment; helping our clients identify the right people with the right mix of skills, abilities, interests, and job match before hire.


Organizations have pecific knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) requirements to successfully complete tasks that attain the business objectives. Identification of these KSAs may require an organization to review the market and hand pick candidates that show high potential and alignment to the requirements of the organizations. Accessing this information without incurring the transactional costs of media based recruitment requires the organization to head hunt for quality personnel. We’ve got you covered.

Media Based recruitment

Strategic Engagement is capableof running media communication for the vacancies using newspaper adverts, on our website and other online portals. We have the capacity and tools to screen several applications and generate competitive shortlists that are suitable for the customized recruitment needs of the client.

Psychometric Testing

Beyond skills assessed in anoral interview, clients must ensure that selected candidates are wholesome individuals that are able to effectively carry out their tasks in the existing organization environments and still deliver results. We use scientific approaches and technology to enhance human capital development. We are able to make informed recommendations to the client based on:

  • Personality assessment
  • Capacity assessment
  • Interest assessment
  • Job match assessment

Background search and Pre-employment verification

We offer the client a thorough background search on exising staff and pre-employment verification process that can be inclusive of professional background, personality and relational background, criminal background, SE has established relationships with key contacts that ease the process of the verification process to ensure that the client receives timely recommendations regarding selected or identified personnel.


SE is able to tailor orientation programs that cover programs of induction into the client organization setting and the role that the staff shall be performing. This ensures that the staff reports to work ready to deliver with pre-existing guidance on client expectations, values, objectives and standards.