HR outsourcing as an organizational strategy has increased due to the increased complexities in transactional and strategic human capital management. Organizations have been able to completely outsource the entire role of human capital management or partial processes and activities; this allows the business to perform other critical tasks so as to attain high efficiency in other business activities. Strategic Engagement offers a platform for the clients to access high quality partial or wholesome partnership with clients for Human Capital Management cycle. Outside of complete outsourcing, integration is required to ensure efficient and effective result oriented partial outsourcing. We are specialized in the process management of partial outsourcing for the following:

Performance Management Systems

We develop or review their performance management systems. Such systems are useful in assessing the performance of an individual employee, setting future goals, identifying career development needs and skills shortfalls, which are subsequently addressed through training. Once the system is developed; employees are then trained in using it. Managers and supervisors may also be given training/support in objective setting and in the identification of training needs.

Manpower Outsourcing Our manpower outsourcing solutions offer organizational flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction for all jobs at different organizational levels; and this is structured to meet customer tailored need.

Payroll Management

The payroll process is an ongoing cycle throughout the month. It is a time consuming transactional HR process that clients do not need to focus on versus other high level critical and strategic activities. Strategic Engagement has tools that support clients with the complete payroll management for all their staff to cover their salaries, regulatory deductions, bonus schemes, pension, and loan facilities and so on. Strategic Engagement also has the capacity to run payroll on a multinational level for clients that have staff that are being affected by different regulations per country of operation.

Benefit Scheme Management

We have made comprehensive research on best practice for benefit management and are able to offer customized recommendations and solutions to clients from different business industries and at different levels of organization life. Additionally, we have established networks with different service providers or managers of different external benefits schemes and can now effectively meet the needs of our clients and creating of satisfactory human capital investment.

Succession Planning

The development of an effective succession planning program calls for the development a clear organization structure which is then followed by a review of future business plans to establish staffing requirements, in terms of both skills and numbers. Individual employees are then assessed to determine their capacity to take on more responsible positions in the organization. Any skills gaps identified in the process that can be fixed through training are then embodied in the training plan. It is common for the succession planning process to identify future vacancies for which there are no suitable internal candidates. In such cases, a recruitment plan would be developed.