About us

Strategic Engagement is a Management Consulting Firm established in 2014 to offer general Management and Strategic Human Resources Consultancy services.
Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with human resources thereby enabling our clients gain a competitive age and stay sustainable in the most cost-effective way possible.
At Strategic Engagement, we offer a one stop management consultancy destination for all your HR and OD need in Uganda and the East African region for individuals, SMEs and large corporations including multinationals across all sectors.
We strive to exceed our clients expectations maintaining utmost professionalism, integrity and loyalty while offering bespoke strategic management advisory services.

Our Vision

To be the largest management consulting firm of Ugandan origin.

Our Mission

To equip organizations with people and process interventions that enable them achieve their optimum potential for business survival and sustainable business growth.

We Stand for:

  1. Professionalism: Our team displays and employs attitudes, skills, behaviors, competence, technique and tools over and above the industry standards required for the specialized delivery of quality service and delightful client experience.
  2. People: We commit that all our customers will be worked on by a team of people who are inspired, driven, talented, committed and innovative. As such, we must invest highly in both growing and grooming our people to walk a journey and culture of excellence.
  3. Stewardship: When clients trust us with providing services for them, we make a psychological contract to provide solutions that will lead to their sustainable improvement over short, mid and long term